Omotoso trial: Social media praises Cheryl Zondi for her bravery

JOHANNESBURG - The witness in the Timothy Omotoso’s trial faced a barrage of questions from his lawyer.

Social media, however, were having none of it.

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Many criticised Peter Daubermann's line of questioning, calling it insensitive.

Cheryl Zondi, one of the girls who has accused Durban based Pastor Timothy Omotoso of sexual abuse is back on the witness stand in the Eastern Cape High Court in Port Elizabeth. Courtesy #DStv403

Omotoso’s trial has sparked a lot of interests on social media.

There were many messages and comments, expressing outrage Daubermann's style of cross-examination.

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Many were saying he attacked  Cheryl Zondi - and it seems the judge agreed.

Meanwhile, the gender commission has praised Zondi for her bravery.

They say many other rape survivors shouldn't be afraid to speak out.

Nomsisi Bata from the Commission for Gender Equality said. "This will send a very clear message to other young women who are victims and survivors of sexual abuse. This young girl is determined to speak out about it and this does not happen often. The accused number 1 is having a lot of support and she is speaking her mind without fear of favour. And she is determined to speak the truth.I hope the law protects this girl."


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