UPDATE | Two killed in Thembisa protests

File: Gen police tape

File: Police cordon off a crime scene. AFP

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JOHANNESBURG - Two protesters have been shot dead in Thembisa, in Ekurhuleni.

Residents are protesting and blocking roads.

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They're angry about a range of issues, including the cost of rates for municipal services.

Crowds protested last week, demanding to speak to authorities.

But that meeting broke down after they were unable to reach an agreement.

Motorists have been advised to stay away from the area



A protester has been shot dead in Thembisa in Ekurhuleni. Residents there are protesting and blocking roads. Courtesy #DStv403

Protesters have blocked several roads in the Thembisa area on Monday. Authorities are warning motorists to be vigilant as the area is volatile. eNCA speaks to Ekurhuleni Metro Police spokesperson Kelebogile Thepa. Courtesy #DStv403


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