Foreign nationals allegedly turned away from Kalafong Hospital

JOHANNESBURG - A group of Operation Dudula members have been holding anti-foreigner protests outside Kalafong Hospital in Tshwane, with reports of patients and staff being intimidated.

The group has reportedly blocked the entrance to the hospital and is turning patients away who they believe are undocumented foreign nationals.

The Pretoria High Court granted an interdict on Friday preventing further protests outside the facility.

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But Kalafong Hospital CEO Sello Matjila says despite this, Dudula is not backing down.

"The protest started I think around 4 August and they did not continue for a while until they sort of intensified from 15 August.

"So there's a group of people under the banner of Operation Dudula who are impeding access for foreign nationals, those who they deem that are foreign nationals to access the hospital," he said.

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"I'm not sure whether it's documented or undocumented foreign nationals because they have their own criteria that they use that we don't understand as the hospital.

"So they've been protesting at our entrance for a while now. What we did as the hospital through our legal division, we then secured a court interdict on Friday afternoon and the group then came back on Monday.

"Obviously the police have been taking care of the situation but the group is still there. We hope that the police will be able to manage them going forward."



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