Calls for a strong Ramaphosa Cabinet

Big business wants a "compact and capable" cabinet to help address the country's economic challenges. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Big business wants a "compact and capable" Cabinet to help address the country's economic challenges.

Business Unity South Africa says cabinet ministers, directors-general and other key staff in the economic and justice clusters need to be appointed on the basis of competence, capability, experience and integrity.

Busa CEO Tanya Cohen says the markets will react depending on the type of Cabinet the country will have.

“We certainly think that business confidence will drive investment. Both local and international investment. That has a lot to do with the signals that the market now receives in terms of what type of cabinet are we going to have, what type of economic focus will the government give to the country”, read Cohen.

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Economist Khaya Sithole says capable senior staff will be critical to oversee the country's economic turnaround and ensure justice is served in the quest to combat corruption.

“He’ll need a strong team and Cabinet. This Cabinet shouldn’t just be based on loyalty, but really on the ability of people to assist him in driving those agendas and reviving those policies. He doesn’t have the time to write new policies. He has to implement what exist already”, said Sithole.

Recent economic data suggests SA's economy had shrunk in the first quarter of 2019, with a predicted fall in growth of between one-point-two percent and two-point-two percent.


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