Parents desperate for justice in Parktown coach case

KATLEHONG - The quest for justice continues for the families of the sexually assaulted Parktown High School pupils. 

Convicted child molester Collan Rex was back in court on Wednesday.

Rex is a former assistant water polo coach at the Johannesburg school.

UPDATE: Sentencing proceedings for Parktown coach postponed

He's facing 144 counts of sexual assault and 12 counts of common assault.

One parent shared the impact of the assault on their family.

"M son is in the psychiatric hospital at the moment. He's not doing very well, but he's on the mend."

The distraught father, who cannot be identified to protect his child, said, "this man should go to jail, I am concerned about the judge and hopefully he will surprise us." 

Some parents are calling on the Gauteng Education Department to ensure that other school officials who were complicit in these crimes shouldn't get away with it.

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Steve Mabona, a spokesperson for the Gauteng Education Department, said there is a process to follow.

"There are labour laws to follow and this must be tested and there is an expectation that we must fire. We must follow due processes."

Meanwhile, lobby groups say the justice system shouldn't fail these children, who've been violated by the very people who were meant to protect them.

Rozanne Sack from Koleinu SA commented, "it is heartbreaking seeing these boys in court, a lot of them are not functioning properly, then these constant delays, it’s revictimisation and secondary trauma."

The matter's been postponed to allow the probation officer’s report to be tabled while the judge has called for the case to be concluded urgently.

Rex will be back in court at the end of November.