Wage negotiations | Parliamentarians paid less than international counterparts: spokesperson

Parliament has defended the three percent salary increase for public servants - saying it will help public officials shoulder the rising cost of living. Parliament spokesperson Moloto Mothapo discussed this with eNCA's Dan Moyane. Courtesy of #DStv403

PARLIAMENT - In defence of a 3 percent wage hike for South Africa's Parliamentarians, spokesperson Moloto Mothapo says they are paid less than their international counterparts.

Mothapo says public servants should be paid in a way that prevents them from taking on work outside the system.

President Cyril Ramaphosa accepted recommendations to increase salaries.

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“If you look at the benchmark internationally with Parliaments of a similar population, economics and democracies, you’ll see that SA Parliamentarians are paid far less than their counterparts internationally. And when you look at the fact that there are safeguards that these Members of Parliament in SA are operating under.

"For instance, there is about 78 percent of Parliaments all over the world that are allowing their Parliamentarians to undertake work outside of Parliament, in South Africa that is not allowed," Mothapo said.

"So, we need to appreciate that our members need to be paid decently and they need to be paid a just and defensible salary.

"They need to be paid in a manner that there will be no temptation to undertake work outside or any kind of offers that might influence the work that they are doing.”


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