Patrick Shai left traumatised after Dobsonville shooting

Actor Patrick Shai was shot with rubber bullets in Dobsonville on Monday when a protest turned violent.

JOHANNESBURG - Actor Patrick Shai says his opinion of the police has been changed forever. 

Shai was shot with rubber bullets in Dobsonville on Monday morning when a protest turned violent.

Residents were complaining about the power cuts that have persisted for almost a week now.

They had apparently closed the main road while they waited for Eskom to address them.

The police then opened fire on the group, allegedly unprovoked.

Shai was caught in the crossfire between police and residents.

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"You don’t fire multiple shots at people who are running away, even in the apartheid government," Shaid said.

"The riot squad would come and say you have three minutes to disperse, but not with the current riot squads.

Not with these gangsters that we have today who are masquerading as safety officers." 

A traumatised Shai went to the nearest police station to ask for the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) number but the officers said they didn't have it.

They told him he must file a complaint, and they will investigate internally.

Attempts to get reaction from the police were unsuccessful.