Peter Moyo back in court against Old Mutual

Old Mutual is expected to brief the media following their decision not to take any additional court action against embattled CEO Peter Moyo. Moyo was fired in June, after his suspension in May.

JOHANNESBURG - High Court Judge Brian Mashile will rule on Peter Moyo's application to find Old Mutual's board in contempt for not allowing him back to work.

Moyo wants the entire board to be declared delinquent.

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The intermittent CEO sued the Old Mutual board for firing him unlawfully in June.

He wants the insurer to abide by last month's court order that he be reinstated.

Old Mutual Chair, Trevor Manuel, said Moyo was fired because of a conflict of interest.

Manuel also made a jibe about Judge Mashile who ruled against the insurer.

He questioned how the board's decision could be overruled by a single individual who happens to wear a robe.

Manuel has since withdrawn the comment and apologised.


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