‘Petty admin' preventing some WC fishermen permits

eNCA's Monique Mortlock has the story. #DStv403

CAPE TOWN - ‘Petty administrative reasons’ may have prevented some Western Cape fishermen from getting permits.

That’s the admission from government.

The process is so difficult that many small-scale fishermen have either given up trying or are fishing illegally.

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Environment, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Barbara Creecy, has been meeting with fishing communities to discuss the issues.

This comes as the fishing rights allocations process is underway for 2020.

One of the oldest fishermen in Kalk Bay, Solly Solomons, says the process hasn’t been an easy one.

“Most of the fishermen have given up on it because you earn practically nothing. And look here, it’s been a few days that the wind has been blowing, we caught nothing. The fishermen have never been looked after.”

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Fishermen in Hawston say the entire community is suffering because many of them aren't able to get the necessary fishing permits.

The government also says red tape may be leading to poaching. 

Government is looking at developing other economic opportunities in fishing communities because it says, there aren't enough fish in the sea.