Philippi residents protest for service delivery

PHILIPPI - In the Western Cape, thousands of informal settlement dwellers continue to fight for service delivery.

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Residents from Philippi marched on the City of Cape Town’s municipal offices to demand the provision of electricity in their community.  

The city says its hands are tied as the land belongs to multiple private owners. 

Attempts to evict them in the past failed and as a result, the matter is still in court while residents continue to occupy the land and illegally connect electricity.  

Last year, eleven people were gunned down after being ambushed by gunmen during one weekend alone.

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Residents are demanding electricity, saying darkness at night makes them vulnerable to crime.

The city says it has temporary plans for the community.

"The high mast lights will be on the boundary of the informal settlement on a sliver of land that is owned by the City of Cape Town, so we are installing services to benefit Marikana but on city-owned land,” said Xanthea Limberg, a councillor with the City of Cape Town. 

The residents have given the city seven days to respond to their memorandum.