PIC: Matshepo More accuses inquiry of evidence tampering

A serious accusation has been made against the PIC inquiry. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - A serious accusation has been made against the PIC inquiry.

The suspended PIC Chief Investment Officer suggested the commission's legal team could have tried to tamper with evidence.

Matshepo More testified at the inquiry on Monday.

More is accused of interfering with witnesses.

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She's been heavily implicated in wrongdoing by a number of witnesses at the commission.

“In circumstances, I respectfully submit that the allegations of interference are unfounded and certainty not substantiated when scrutinised against the correspondence and documentation I have outlined above and attached hereto. I merely reported to the Board concerns that were raised but employees to management. At no stage did I attempt to interfere with the Commission’s work or the work conducted by Advocate [Jannie] Lubbe,” More said.

She's told the inquiry staff members approached her for assistance with legal costs associated with appearing at the inquiry.

More's also told the commission the continued rotation of finances ministers impacted the role of executives at the PIC.

She will continue her testimony on Tuesday.