PICTURES FROM THE FIELD - 11 December 2019

Adelaide Town livestock

11 December 2019 - The current drought in Adelaide Town poses a threat to the residents of the town as their livestock begins to feel the effects of the drought. 

eNCA / Crescendo Louw
Fish carcass in Inqweba Dam

11 December 2019 - A fish carcass in the dried dam bed at Inqweba Dam in Graaff Reinet. The once full dam has now become a dumping ground for the marine life which formerly swam in its waters. 

eNCA / Crescendo Louw
Lion cubs rescued from captivity

11 December 2019 - Five lion cubs rescued from captivity in the Ukraine, Eastern Europe, have arrived in South Africa.

eNCA / Masego Rahlaga
Mamelodi flood aftermath

11 December 2019 - Mamelodi has been left with rubble and dirt following the flooding which has occurred throughout the week.

eNCA / Lindokuhle Xulu
Graaff Reinet drought water truck

11 December 2019 - Graaff Reinet residents have been reliant on Charities such as Gift of the Givers to source their water. It is expected that a Jojo tank will be installed in the town this week however will this be enough to sustain the entire town through the drought.

eNCA / Crescendo Louw

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