PICTURES FROM THE FIELD - 11 November 2019

11 November 2019 - The Springboks are welcomed by fans as they enter the final leg of their Trophy tour.

eNCA / Lindsay Dentlinger

FILE: The Springboks delighted the 'Rainbow Nation' by overcoming an opening pool defeat by New Zealand to claim a third World Cup title after previous successes in 1995 and 2007.

eNCA / Tanya Nefdt

11 November 2019 - Cape Town prepares to welcome the Springboks. 

eNCA / Lindsay Dentlinger

11 November 2019 - Water scarce Hennops river is flooded with pollution as communities start to move closer to day zero. 

eNCA / Heidi Giokos

11 November 2019 - Middelpos in the Karoo still struggles through a drought. Farmers are severely impoverished and are unable to farm anything. 

eNCA / Monique Mortlock

11 November 2019 - Katse Dam in Lesotho has struggled to maintain its water level in 2019.

eNCA / Silindelokuhle Masikane
Loch Vaal dam

File: Government believes the Ekurhuleni Water Care Company has already proven itself to be the right one for the Vaal River clean-up.

eNCA / Heidi Giokos