IN PICTURES: #SandtonShutdown anti-femicide and rape protest

#SandtonShutdown AFP women protest

13 September 2019 - Women shout slogans as they sit in a street in front of Johannesburg Stock Exchange in Sandton, during the #SandtonShutdown protest against the abuse of women.

AFP / Guillem Sartorio
#SandtonShutdown disability gender violence poster

13 September 2019 - Two women, participating in the #SandtonShutdown, protest against femicide and in particular, attacks on disabled women.

eNCA / Silindelo Masikane
#SandtonShutdown crowds

13 September 2019 - Crowds gathered outside the JSE protesting against femicide and rape as part of the #SandtonShutdown initiative.

eNCA / Gloria Xulu
#SandtonShutdown women posters femicide gender violence

13 September 2019 - These two women joined many more at the #SandtonShutdown, protesting against gender violence and femicide.

eNCA / Silindelo Masikane
#SandtonShutdown men protest posters gender violence femicide

13 September 2019 - Two men hold posters during the #SandtonShutdown encouraging men to denounce gender violence. 

eNCA / Silindelo Masikane
Signs posters at #SandtonShutdown Sandton shutdown protest

13 September 2019 - Posters lie on the floor ahead of the #SandtonShutdown protest against gender violence and femicide.

eNCA / Silindelo Masikane
#Sandtonshutdown Sandton shutdown man sign trash

13 September 2019 - A man protests during the #SandtonShutdown with a sign indicating that men are trash. 

eNCA / Silindelo Masikane

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