'Please bring back my child': Mother pleads with abductor

Pretty Mphenemene is begging the abductor to give Baby Koketso back to her.

JOHANNEDSBURG - An Ekurhuleni mother is inconsolable after her baby, just 11-days-old, was snatched.

She's begging the abductor to give Baby Koketso back to her.

"This is way too painful of all the things I have encountered and the child is missing. Because I don't know who is she with, what is she eating, wearing and how she is treated. This is so painful and it's better to have a child dead than this experience," says Pretty Mphenemene.

Mphenemene feels betrayed by an acquaintance.

They met at the clinic and she referred to herself as Katlego.

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Katlego offered to look after Baby Koketso while Mphenemene went to the shop.

The alleged kidnapper had also promised her a job.

Now Mphenemene only has one request.

"I don't want to say much I want my child in my hands and I will be so happy, if Katlego is listening please bring back my child."

Police have since launched a manhunt.

"We are also getting footage from the mall and we are appealing to the community," said Mavela Masondo, SAPS Gauteng.

This mother of two says she has more questions than answers, but all she wants is to have her beloved Koketso back in her arms.