Police search for suspect in gruesome mass murder

JOHANNESBURG - Police are searching for a man wanted in connection with a gruesome mass murder

The bodies of seven people have been discovered, buried in shallow graves at a house in Vlakfontein in the south of Johannesburg.

A man who lived with the victims has been taken in for questioning while another is still at large. 

Police discovered seven bodies when a relative went to inspect the house after she could not reach her sisters over the phone.

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She says the smell of what she describes as something dead coming from inside prompted her to find a way to enter the house.

Police have labelled a 27-year-old man as a possible suspect and have asked him to turn himself in for questioning.

Community members say the man the police are looking for, told them the family was in KwaZulu-Natal for a funeral.

Police say they are still investigating the cause of deaths and will leave no stone unturned to uncover what really happened.

Police are searching for a man, wanted in connection with a gruesome crime.


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