Language policy | Lesufi says DA is opportunistic

JOHANNESBURG - The Democratic Alliance says it will take to the streets on to protest against the Department of Basic Education Laws Amendment Bill.

The DA says the law is an attack on mother tongue education.

The party has vowed to hold demonstrations outside the office of Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi.

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At the same time, Lesufi says the DA is being opportunistic as the bill was presented to all the provincial MECs.

“Ours is very simple that we want a non-racial education system that is accessible to everyone.

"We want our children to play together, learn together, sing together, and do things together. We want to protect all languages and there must be no language that is superior and the must be no language that is undermined," Lesufi said.

"Why the DA felt they must come to my office when they know that I’m not the person that came about this law this bill was presented to all the MEC’s, including the MEC of Education in the Western Cape.

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"They approved this bill. Actually, I was defeated on many other things that I wanted to propose. For example, I’m of the view that each and every school must have a minimum of three languages: I was defeated so the DA itself endorsed this bill.

"They can't endorse a bill later on come and come later and fight the bill. The task teams that was appointed for the HOD that went to craft the bill, they crafted this.

"It's not me so for them to say it’s a Panyaza bill. That’s being opportunistic.”


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