Alex shutdown: Playing the political blame game

The political blame game for Alexandra township's woes continues. Residents maintain their issues are real and urgent.

JOHANNESBURG - The people of Alexandra are calling for service delivery while political parties shunt responsibility for the woes of the area.

The shutdown committee says it's given mayor Herman Mashaba 14 days to respond to its grievances, handed to him on Monday night.

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Mashaba wasn't given an opportunity to speak to a rowdy crowd of fed-up community members.

And the city's mayor is saying he can't be blamed for the problems in the area.

Mashaba's raising questions about the Alexandra Renewal project and its funding.

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Mashaba claims R16-billion set aside for the renewal project was looted and used by the ANC.

He says the project was started to serve as a slush fund for the ruling party.  

In a statement, former mayor Parks Tau dismisses the claims, saying the Auditor-General found the money for the programme had been used appropriately.

Meanwhile, all Alexandra residents are asking for is for the issues to be addressed. They want clean streets and regular services.

The shutdown committee says it can't rule out the possibility of more protests in the days to come.