Polls put ANC in front in 2019 Elections

The data from three different polls puts the ANC out in front in this year's elections. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Researchers are crunching the numbers with elections just days away. 

The data from three different polls puts the ANC out in front, but this is a game of margins. 

In fact, some of the numbers suggest the party could emerge as a wounded winner.

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All polls are demographically representative and sample sizes ranged from 2400 to 3500 respondents.

The results differ as much as the parties themselves. But, they provide some insight into what voters are thinking.

The results of all three polls are based on the assumption of a voter turnout above 70%.

The Institute of Race Relations has the ANC just scraping by with a majority, down 11% from the last election, while the DA gains marginally on its 2014 result to reach 24%. The EFF leaps from 6% to 14%.

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MarkData polling has a slightly more positive outcome for the governing ANC with just under 60% of the vote going its way. The DA garners just over 21%, while the Red Berets double their 2014 tally securing 12% of the vote.

Finally, IPSOS data shows the ANC cresting the 60% threshold almost on par with its previous election result. The Democratic Alliance weakens its position to under 20%, and the EFF gains, but not by as much as other polls suggest this time managing an 11% share.

This time next week the country will be on the eve of a historic election. The data's in and it's good for some, bad for others.

But, as they say, a week is a long time in politics.


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