Presidency questions alleged leaking of financial information

The Presidency is concerned about the alleged leak of funders' banking information of Cyril Ramaphosa's political campaign.

JOHANNESBURG - The Presidency has responded to the alleged leaking of confidential financial information.

Bank statements of donors and recipients from Cyril Ramaphosa's 2017 ANC presidential election campaign were allegedly leaked to the media. 

The Presidency says the confidential information was supposedly held only by the Public Protector.

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It says the selective circulation of the information is intended to cast aspersions on the President.

"What we have noted is a very worrying trend of information that the Public Protector is duty bound by the rules regarding her investigation for her to keep public, this information most recently was a letter we have written to the courts requesting certain information of her investigation not to be made public.

"Interestingly, the very same information that we have asked to be kept confidential has now been leaked to the media. Now, this is deeply concerning because our view is that this information may have been obtained in the very first instance illegally," said Presidential spokesperson, Khusela Diko.

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"The reason we say that is, in her report, the Public Protector had listed a subpoena to Absa bank and FNB as being the sources of information she had regarding those bank accounts. Absa is on record having said that they have not received a subpoena from the Public Protector. Now, the question stands, where did the Public Protector get those bank statements?" she said. "She also did not list Standard Bank as one of the banks that she has subpoenaed, but she has bank accounts of the Ria Tenda Trust which banks with Standard Bank... now, where did she get that information?", Diko asked.

The President's legal team wants certain documents in Busisiwe Mkhwebane's report into Bosasa sealed.

It's written to the North Gauteng High Court to request that details of bank accounts, linked to the CR17 campaign, not be made public. 

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It's concerned the information may have been obtained illegally from the outset. 

The Presidency maintains it ran a clean campaign.

It allegedly cost around half-a-billion rand. 


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