Project assists families with food parcels

People in Winterveld, Pretoria are getting some much-needed grocery assistance during these hard times. This was made possible by the Muslim Council with the help of the Saudi embassy. eNCA’s Khayelihle Khumalo has the story. Courtesy #DStv403

PRETORIA - More South Africans should heed the call to assist those in need. 

That's a call from the SA Muslim Council helping out residents in need with the Saudi Embassy. 

COVID-19 has left a trail of disaster and many breadwinners lost their jobs. 

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The aim of the project is to assist as many families as they can during the pandemic. 

"This is the spirit for Ubuntu," said Raheem Nkumane of the SA Muslim Council.

Thousands of families have benefited from this project.

* eNCA’s Khayelihle Khumalo reports.


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