Ennerdale protests escalate

Tyres have been set alight and road have been blocked, as residents there protest over poor school infrastructure.

JOHANNESBURG - A service delivery protest in Ennerdale in the south of Johannesburg has escalated with police using force to clear protesters from the roadways.

Police have fired rubber bullets and used stun grenades and pepper spray.

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Police said they had told protesters to move away from blocking the roads and had to disperse the people from the roads.

Five people have been arrested on charges of public violence. 

UPDATE: Police fire rubber bullets at Ennerdale protesters

Teams of police officers have been deployed to different areas to control protests around the CBD.

Residents are angry over several issues, an important one being poor school infrastructure at local schools in the area.

Parents said in a statement unused and vandalised mobile classrooms have become a haven for criminal activity in the area.