Public to pay for e-tolls

Finance minister Tito Mboweni, says government remains resolved to continue with the user-pay principle when it comes to e-tolls. Courtesy #DStv403

CAPE TOWN - Gauteng motorists received the short end of the stick as Tito Mboweni announced that government remains resolved to continue with the user-pay principle.

The finance minister reassured the nation that cabinet had considered several other options to resolve the impasse over the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project, prior to reverting to e-tolls.

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"Government has decided to retain the user-pay principle. While there will be a further dispensation and value‐added services, compliance will also be strengthened."  said Mboweni.

He continued to state that not paying for e-tolls has resulted in the deterioration of Gauteng roads and an inability to maintain the network.

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Mboweni encouraged South Africans to pay their bills.

"We need to build a culture of payment, as government services can only be sustainable if all of us that can pay for services, do so."


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