Public rattled by unsafe Joburg building evacuations

JOHANNESBURG - It was a day of confusion in Johannesburg on Tuesday as public servants were evacuated from non-compliant government buildings

Members of the public seeking government services went home disappointed as they had no idea where the temporary sites are located. 

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The affected departments include Human Settlements, Health, Social Development, the Office of the Premier and Treasury.

Engineers are hard at work assessing the conditions of several buildings.

Nine have been found to be non-compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. 

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Sources within government have revealed that Thusong Building which houses Social Development is 30% compliant, while the building next to it scored a mere 12 percent.

Imbumba house where Treasury and E-government are located scored 46 percent.

The Department of infrastructure development responsible for the maintenance of government buildings is also non-compliant. 

Although public servants have been told where to go service seeking members of the public were clueless as to where to go to receive assistance, despite assurances that operations would be uninterrupted. 

Meanwhile, emergency services are gearing up to honour their colleagues that have passed on. 


MEC for Infrastructure Development Jacob Mamabolo confirms the Joburg CBD building which has been struck by a blaze does not comply with safety regulations.