Raids on illegal nationals to continue across SA

JOHANNESBURG - Raids on illegal nationals are set to continue throughout the country.

This after eight foreigners were arrested in Cape Town’s tourism hub, the Waterfront.

The home affairs department says those in the country illegally will be deported.

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Employers might also face jail time, for employing people with expired permits.

Deputy Home Affairs Minister Njabulo Nzyuza says the aim isn't to chase away foreign nationals.

“We have a responsibility to ensure that we enforce our laws, and ensure that the people who are in the country are the right set of people, we are not only responsible just to check in terms of the borderline but we have the responsibility of also doing inspectorate within the country.”

Those arrested say they've been unfairly targeted and call this, a flawed operation 

The department says the raids will continue and warns those aiding illegal immigrants, to corporate or face jail time.