SONA 2022 | Ramaphosa expected to extend R350 grant

President Cyril Ramaphosa is putting the final touches on his State of the Nation Address. But what do ordinary South Africans want to hear? #eNCA Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - President Cyril Ramaphosa is widely expected to extend the Social Relief of Distress Grant.

He is likely to announce the extension during his State of the Nation Address.

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The grant expires in March and calls for the introduction of a permanent Basic Income Grant have intensified.

Treasury says 46 percent of the population currently receives a social grant of some sort.

Extending the R350 grant would cost the country R35-billion per year.

Anti-poverty activists and analysts largely expect President Cyril Ramaphosa to extend the R350 Social Relief of Distress grant this week. But there remain concerns about whether the country can afford a permanent Basic Income Grant. Devan Murugan has more. Courtesy #DStv403


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