Ramaphosa faces tough questions on the road

KIMBERLEY - President Cyril Ramphosa says housing and unemployment are among the major problems facing the Northern Cape.

The president has been interacting with communities in the province ahead of celebrations to mark the ANC's 108th anniversary.

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Ramaphosa's promised to address these concerns.  

He said, "this opportunity of mobilising for our celebration has given us a real golden opportunity to interact with our people which we always do but now has been jam-packed into a week."

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"I've been able to criss-cross the various parts in the province to go into people's homes, walk in the streets with our people, and listen to them."

"What I have been able to decipher is many of our people still love ANC. They are hopeful that the ANC is the only organisation that can address their challenges, their needs. This has also given them the opportunity to express all these frustrations. And I've found here the main problem is housing."