Ramaphosa makes tongue-in-cheek comment about 'plot' to oust him

MIDRAND - ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa called on the country's workers to fight against attempts to weaken the governing party.  

He was addressing Cosatu's 13th National Conference in Midrand.

Ramaphosa spoke on rumours of designs to unseat him.

"If there are any plots those plots should be directed at eradicating poverty and not playing marbles," he said.

LIVE VIDEO: Ramaphosa addresses Cosatu congress

Ramaphosa made it clear that those who have left Cosatu should come back, saying: "We want to see one country, one federation. Workers are [the] strongest and best served under one federation.. we must call them back.”

Cosatu's 13th Congress is clouded by instability and divisions, coupled with the union federation's declining membership numbers and internal battles.

Cosatu president Sdumo Dlamini said in his speech: "If you continue like this it’s going to be hard on workers of the country."

The first day of the congress saw an unprecedented attendance of alliance partners and as the union federation prepares to elect new leaders, the incumbent president Dlamini has made it clear he won’t be contesting his position.