Ramaphosa says Stage 8 blackouts unlikely to happen

JOHANNESBURG - President Cyril Ramaphosa says it is unlikely that Stage 8 power cuts will happen despite warnings by experts.

He said Eskom management is doing everything it can to keep up with maintenance

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Ramaphosa was speaking in Mpumalanga as part of his third Presidential Imbizo earlier Friday.

"With regards to electricity, obviously it is a recurring problem with Eskom.

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"As we get to hear more, sabotage is part of the challenges we are having to deal with. Including difficulties, they are having in deal with maintenances and breakages. I don’t really believe we will go up to Stage 8.

"I think management is doing everything they can to ensure they keep with maintenance and if it breakdowns they repair very quickly.

"So, we are still hopeful we have a management that still has everything under control. I think we will continue to have load-shedding but it is the type that they will warn everyone about in advance as they try to keep the lights on.”


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