Ramaphosa to take PP's report on judicial review

JOHANNESBURG - President Cyril Ramaphosa says he will seek an urgent judicial review of the Public Protector's report.

Ramaphosa has decided to take this action under the firm belief that the president is not above the law and similarly, the Public Protector is not above the law.

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"My decision to seek a judicial review should by no means be seen as a comment on the person who occupied the office. It is motivated by a determination that the law should be applied correctly and firmly."

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Ramaphosa also added that he wants an expedited urgent review process so that the public is not kept waiting.

The president reiterated that he respects the office of the Public Protector and will continue to respect it but if he finds there are errors of law in the report, as he has, he is entitled to approach the courts.

Mkhwebane found Ramaphosa deliberately misled Parliament about money he received from Bosasa for his ANC presidential campaign.

She says Parliament's Ethics Committee should decide on a sanction for the President. But, he's not an MP.

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Ramaphosa initially said the R500, 000 payment was made to his son for services rendered.

He later retracted the answer and clarified that it was a donation to his ANC presidential campaign.

Ramaphosa addressed the media on Mkhwebane's report on Sunday.