Ramaphosa visits SA's 'rape capital'

President Cyril Ramaphosa will visit the country’s rape capital, Inanda, in the Kwazulu Natal on Friday afternoon.

JOHANNESBURG - In a country plagued by sexual offences, Inanda's are so bad they've attracted the attention of the president.

President Cyril Ramaphosa is visiting the police station in the township on Friday to check on service delivery.

Inanda is the rape capital of South Africa.

The community policing forum is distraught about the dangers women face here.

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Members say the rapid proliferation of drinking holes is making the problem worse.

“The crime in Inanda is so high just because of these taverns and shebeens. People can just drink throughout the night only to find that after they drank the beer if they are just going back home they just caught by these criminals,” Mbongeni Phewa, Inanda CPF.

The CPF has been trying to convince tavern owners to operate within reasonable hours, to prevent drunkenness from exacerbating crime.

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So far, it’s reached a dead end.

Police efforts are also being hampered by the terrain.

“There are places that you can’t see beyond your hand come the night. That is not very conducive for the SA Police to do their work. There are no cameras, there are no street numbers, there are no streets at all, there are no roads that get in between of the houses. All those things they contribute to the high level of crime,” said Bheki Cele, Police Minister. 

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Ramaphosa is at the Inanda police station as part of the multi-faceted District Development Plan rollout.

Cele says Ramaphosa wants to ensure Inanda as a whole is improved, which in turn would assist policing.