Ramaphosa's top 10 quotes on gender-based violence

Earlier on Thursday, Ramaphosa told protesters outside Parliament that he would address the nation on the measures to be taken against femicide and other crimes against women.

PRETORIA - President Cyril Ramaphosa says laws dealing with domestic and gender-based violence need to be reviewed.

On Thursday evening, Ramaphosa addressed the nation after several women and children were killed across the country over the past few days.

Thousands have been protesting, calling for tougher action against perpetrators.

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Ramaphosa says the end of gender-based violence starts with men.

The president further said it's up to men to speak out and help end the scourge.

Here are Ramaphosa’s top 10 quotes from his address on Thursday.


"Violence against women has become more than a national crisis."


"We are reviewing laws on domestic violence and sexual offences to prioritise the needs and interests of survivors."


"We are going to overhaul and modernise the national register of gender-based violence offenders provided for in the Sexual Offences Act to ensure it is effective in combating gender-based violence."


"I will ask Parliament to consider amending the legislation to make the register public."


"I will propose to Cabinet that all crimes against women and children  should attract harsher minimum sentences."


"All gender-based violence cases that have been closed or that were not properly investigated must be reviewed."


"We will strengthen the emergency teams at a provincial level – which bring together the police, social development, health, justice and education – to continue providing rapid and comprehensive responses to all forms of violence against women."


"The Minister of Finance will be asked to allocate additional funding to the national machinery to coordinate our campaign against gender-based violence."


"Violence against women is a men’s problem."


"As South African men, let us take responsibility for our actions. We must treat the women and girls of our country with care and respect."


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