Ratlou mayor unaware of PPE fraud

The Special Investigating Unit is raiding the Ratlou Local Municipality in the North West over alleged PPE tender corruption. eNCA's Aviwe Mtila is following this story. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - "It's news to me."

That's what Ratlou mayor Segametsi Ntladi in the North West had to say about the R25-million allegedly spent on PPE in the municipality.

Ntladi said the doors are open to the Special Investigating Unit to continue its corruption investigation.

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"I must say that hearing from the media, it's shocking news to us that there is R25-million in corruption which I think, as the municipality and as the mayor, we would like the SUI team to maybe after they investigate in our offices now to give us a clue of the R25-million.

"The only figure that we know, regarding the SIU that is affecting our municipality, which is in the report that we have is R126,000 of PPE that was used and they have overspent R18,000 but now we heard of R25-million. we are not going to deny that until SIU.

"I opened the doors for them to get into our offices so they can peruse whatever they want."


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