SA's red list status questioned

UK acting-high commissioner to SA Adam Bye spoke with eNCA's Faith Mangope about South Africa's status on the UK's red list. Courtesy of #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Communication between scientists in South Africa and those in the United Kingdom could hopefully lead to the country's red-listing being lifted soon.

This according to Acting UK High Commissioner to South Africa Adam Bye.

He said the UK government welcomes scientific collaboration and conversations between the High Commission and our Department of Health have already been held.

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"We have already made clear to the South African government that we would welcome a discussion between our scientific experts and will work with them to have that discussion as soon as is practical," he said.

"Both our countries have high amounts of scientific expertise. You know, South Africa has very advance genomic sequencing so I think that sort of discussion would be really rewarding to make sure there's as much as possible of a shared understanding between us.

"A red-listing is reviewed regularly, as you know, it's only a temporary measure and so those sorts of discussions and the continuation of the progress that we've seen in both our countries will hopefully lead to red-listing to be lifted as soon as possible."


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