Results, so far, are untainted: IEC

IEC commissioner Mosotho Moepya gives an update on the election irregularities.

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JOHANNESBURG - After widespread complaints of voting irregularities, the IEC has commented on the situation, saying the results so far are untainted.

IEC commissioner Mosotho Moepya confirmed that 20 people were arrested on Thursday on accusations of trying to vote twice.

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"We have given the benefit of the doubt, we have followed every lead.

"Where evidence has not been proffered or these allegations have not been sustained, [the] time has come to dismiss them," he said.

Moepya explained that some of the 20 people attempted to vote more than once but there is no evidence that they were able to vote again.

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"We are narrowing down the problem.

"76 percent of those results remain untainted, as soon as we get to results that are tainted we will let you know."


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