Roodepoort residents clash with police, Red Ants

JOHANNESBURG - Some community members in the west of Johannesburg spent the night out in the cold after being kicked out of newly built government units.

They clashed with police and The Red Ants as they were being evicted.

The community has been accused of occupying the government housing project illegally.

Unconfirmed reports say one person was killed during the evictions while several others were injured.

Level 3: Evictions prohibited but may be granted by court

The Gauteng provincial government has distanced itself from the evictions.

Officials say the removals were carried out by a property developer after obtaining a court order.

"Yes, there won't be evictions and there shouldn't be evictions during the lockdown.

"As you are aware regulations say those people who invaded before the lockdown, it doesn't mean that because there can't be evictions people can invade," said Gauteng Human Settlements Minister Lebohang Maile.

Community members have vowed to continue occupying the houses despite being evicted.

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