SA Lockdown: Cele wants another ban on alcohol

Police Minister Bheki Cele is in KZN visiting the families of two police officers who were killed this week. The traffic officers were gunned down in Hammarsdale on Tuesday. They were travelling to work when attackers opened fire on their vehicle. eNCA Thuba Vilane is following that story for us. **(We apologise for glitches in the visuals)**

JOHANNESBURG - Police Minister Bheki Cele says there is sufficient evidence to warrant the banning of alcohol sales once more. 

Cele made the comment during a visit to the families of two Durban Metro police officers who were ambushed and shot dead on Tuesday.

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The officers were on their way to work in Hammersdale outside the city. 

"I have said it all the time that if I were given the opportunity to run and decide alone on this matter, then my first prize would be to ban the alcohol because I believe there is a lot of evidence that it is not doing good," he said.

The Police Minister added that crime levels have increased since the ban on the sale of alcohol was lifted.

Cele says he hopes the National Coronavirus Command Council will do the right thing.


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