SA moving towards a total blackout, says energy analyst

JOHANNESBURG - Energy analyst Sampson Mamphweli warns that South Africa is heading towards a total blackout.

Earlier, Eskom warned of the possibility of Stage 6 power cuts.

In a briefing earlier, the power utility explained it had suffered significant losses overnight.

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It adds the current strike by employees also poses a serious challenge.

"The strike itself came at the wrong time because it came at a time when the system is heavily constrained with more than 40 megawatts that's not available due to a number of factors like breakdowns," Mamphweli said.

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"So, it is quite difficult. The coal fleet isn't performing. They gave details in terms of the backlog and the maintenance.

"We are moving towards a blackout. Stage 6 is one stage away from total blackout.

"Once we get to that level it's going to be very difficult for us to reawaken the entire system we are sitting in a difficult situation as things stand."


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