SA Private Practitioners Forum raises concerns about NHI

Media reports this past weekend said South Africa could face a massive shortage of health practitioners, particularly, doctors. This as the government prepares to moves towards introducing the National Health Insurance. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The South African Private Practitioners' Forum said issues with the NHI go much deeper than just funding.

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The Forum is worried the healthcare plan may cause an exodus of doctors and worsen the country's already ailing public healthcare system.

The long-awaited bill was sent to Parliament last week.

Dr Chris Archer from the South African Private Practitioner's Forum said,

“I don't think a proper analysis of the problem has been done. Government is implying it's a money issue. We don't believe that's the issue. It's more of a management level,” said Dr Chris Archer from South African Private Practitioner's Forum

Archer said instead government needed to fix service delivery first.

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“Public services have been allowed to run down because of poor management.”

“There are stock-outs occurring, there are equipment failures, there are many aspects as to why service delivery is poor in the public sector and getting worse all the time, and we need to fix that aspect rather than find additional funding,” Archer said.

“We don't believe the funding they'll achieve through this model is going to be adequate enough to provide the healthcare being envisaged, and the consequence of that is the level of healthcare service that will be available to the average South African may even diminish.”