SA skippers win big at China Open

South Africa’s top skippers return to SA with five medals.

South Africa’s top skippers return to SA with five medals.


JOHANNESBURG – South Africa’s top skippers have done it again. The team of five represented South Africa at the Rope Skipping China Open this past week and are returning home with five medals.

Mkhululi Gosa from Khayelitsha won gold for consecutive triple unders, Sonopo Tshilwane from Qwaqwa won silver for jumping 4800 jumps without stopping, he managed to do this in 21minutes.

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Mkhululi Gosa, Buyisile Hubela and Malusi Tumtumana all from Khayelitsha won a bronze medal for double-dutch

Finally, the team won the bronze medal and also skipped off with a special award for best performance and team spirit team.

“We did not expect this. This event has made us stronger as a team and it shows", said athlete and coach, Keo Mokolopo.

“The biggest hurdle was the time we arrived in China. We arrived at the hotel at 9pm, only slept at midnight and the competition began the next morning at 8:30. The guys were super tired. Its always best to arrive at least two days in advance for competitions of this magnitude”, said Mokolopo.

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South Africa does not have a professional rope-skipping league and zero funding but Mokolopo says the athletes need to keep skipping and she hopes the will be more development in the country.

“As the chairperson of Rope Skipping South Africa, I would like to see more development of the sport. I want us to reach every corner of South Africa, this would bring in more participation. And as a national coach, I want to see more done for our high-performance athletes especially off-season. We need to keep at this and not lose focus”, said a determined Mokolopo.

 - Palesa Manaleng