SA voter turnout at an all-time low

eNCA's Michael Appel has more. #Dstv403

JOHANNESBURG - Pollsters banked on a likely voter turnout of just above 70% for last week’s election. But South Africa bucked that trend.

With voter turnout at a historic low, research firms’ party support figures released in the run-up to May 8th leave much-needed room for reflection on the state of our democracy.

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Ten million eligible voters didn’t bother to register, and a further 9.1 million registered voters stayed away from the voting booth.

It’s not unique to South Africa, but this phenomenon is going to make tracking trends an increasingly difficult task going forward.

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Before the elections, eNCA looked at the so-called “poll of polls” showing data from Ipsos, MarkData and the Institute of Race Relations.

Ipsos data among registered voters, factoring in a margin of error of 2 percentage points, either way, showed the ANC just cresting the 60% mark with the DA at 19%.

The data on the EFF was pretty much on the money at 11%.