Sadtu believes 80% of school staff vaccinated

SADTU spokesperson Nomusa Cembi spoke with eNCA's Gareth Edwards. Courtesy of #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Teachers' union Sadtu believes over 80 percent of school staff have now been vaccinated.

It said there was some hesitancy due to religious beliefs and misinformation.

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Schools are set to reopen next week.

Sadtu spokesperson Nomusa Cembi said of the reasons behind vaccine refusal: "Most are personal, they have got to do with their religious beliefs and others because of the disinformation from social media about the efficacy of the vaccine.

"But we have been spreading the word around encouraging members and teachers saying this is safe even the leaders of the unions went and had themselves vaccinated just to show that this is safe but in any project it is very difficult to get 100 percent compliance, 100 percent buy-in but we feel that the buy-in has been more than 80 percent."


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