SANDF deployed in Cape Town townships

The SANDF has been deployed in Cape Town's crime-riddled townships.

CAPE TOWN - Armed forces have been deployed in Manenberg, Hanover Park on Thursday after two weeks of waiting for military intervention.

The delay in the deployment was said to be implemented so the army could take advantage of the element of surprise.

Military officers were spotted moving through the streets and were greeted by smiles from residents who came out of their homes to see the soldiers.

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A spate of 13 murders in these known gang hotspots spurred authorities to send in the SANDF.

Residents have accused the police of being incompetent and hope soldiers will be able to manage crime in their neighbourhoods.

Phillipi East residents say three months of planned military intervention won’t be enough.

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Speaking in Parliament on Thursday, President Cyril Ramaphosa said an operation of this nature can't be successful without the cooperation of several sectors, but especially communities affected by gangsterism.

"This is the defence force of a democratic South Africa, a defence force that has been involved in peace-keeping operations in various parts of the continent and which has played a critical role in supporting South African Police in similar crime-fighting operations."


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