Sanral promises potholes will be fixed on national roads

The Transport Department has launched operation Vala Zonke to deal with the problem. Part of the campaign is a reporting app. eNCA speaks to SANRAL's Vusi Mona. Courtesy #DStv403Show less


JOHANNESBURG - Potholes on national roads will be fixed in 48 hours of them being reported, according to the National Roads Agency.

It's part of its Operation Vala Zonke which includes a reporting app using interactive maps.

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"There are hundreds of thousands of potholes it will be difficult upfront that it will be within 48 hrs or so...but I can tell you that on national level, at least, on national roads we set a standard that we will fix roads within 48 hrs of it having it being reported," Sanral's Vusi Mona said.

"We intend to cascade this approach down to provinces to municipalities."


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