SA's voting system among the best: Former IEC chairperson

There's been many successes this election, but what needs improving? Joining me now is the former IEC chairperson Brigalia Bam. Courtesy #DStv403

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JOHANNESBURG - Former IEC chairperson Brigalia Bam says South Africa's electoral system is one of the best.

Bam says complete digitisation of the voting system would lead to many problems -- including a few security issues -- which would end up compromising the credibility of the elections.

"So what people always seem to forget when talking about digitisation they are talking only about electronic voting.

"It's the electronic voting that people think, once you go into electronic system then everything is resolved. It's not true," said Bam.

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Bam says she thinks most people were not sure about their role or the rules around what needs to happen when situations such as double voting occur.

"If you are going to vote in this country, there is a law, if you are going to vote in another voting station for one reason or another then you have to fill a form with all the particulars and you have to submit that form."

"So there is a record of these people and that record must be found," said Bam.

Twenty suspects were arrested after allegedly trying to vote for a second time during the 2019 National and Provincial Elections which took place on Wednesday.