WATCH | City of Cape Town cuts off illegal connections

Informal settlement residents in Mfuleni say they too will fight back and re-install cables cut off by the city of Cape Town. On Wednesday morning, officials took to the streets one by one, chopping off illegal connections and even fighting some residents who tried to recover their cables. eNCA's Nobesuthu Hejana reports. #dstv403

CAPE TOWN - Angry Mfuleni residents have vowed to reconnect their electricity cables following an operation by the City of Cape Town to disconnect illegal connections.

The city’s energy portfolio committee says it won’t back down as it’s losing millions annually due to cable theft and lack of maintenance.

Some informal settlement residents are stealing power from paying customers.

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While the operation has been welcomed by affected residents in Mfuleni, others fear that this will result in further tensions.

While the city cannot give an estimate of the value of cables retrieved in Mfuleni, the recovered cables filled three full trucks. 

* eNCA's Nobesuthu Hejana reports.


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