Calls for Stellenbosch student to be expelled

The Stellenbosch University SRC wants a student expelled after he was caught peeing on another student's belongings. The student was captured on video, which went viral, inside the victim’s dorm room. Sasco Western Cape convener, Sifiso Zungu, spoke to eNCA. Courtesy #DStv403

CAPE TOWN - Sasco in the Western Cape says it's not enough to suspend a student caught urinating on another student's belongings.

The perpetrator is white and the alleged victim is a black student, prompting rumours that the incident may have been racially motivated.

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The university is still investigating.

Sasco Western Cape convener Sifiso Zungu said: "The suspension itself is not enough in terms of the university becoming committed to dealing with issues of racism. Students are saying the suspension is not enough as this is not the first incident."

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"A house father was caught calling black people the K-word in that residence but nothing has happened about that. The frustration with this one is student are saying they are tired of allowing the university to say they are taking matters more investigating."

"Students have taken a firm stance to say they are not interested in suspension but want the student to be expelled from this university."


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