Scathing report on Maimane

A damning report on Mmusi Maimane's election performance is leading to calls for him to quit as party leader.

JOHANNESBURG - Indecisive leadership, bad political partnerships and destructive infighting.

Those are the DA's organisational review panel's findings on the party's performance in the 2019 elections.

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The report was commissioned by DA leader Mmusi Maimane and authored by former leader Tony Leon.

Its assessment of the party is scathing.

"It is our carefully considered view that the single most important factor in shaping the DA's current circumstances is a failure of effective leadership," the report reads.

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Maimane is described as being inconsistent, indecisive and conflict-averse.

The report also said there was a breakdown in trust between Maimane and some of the party's structures.

The recommendation is that Maimane, James Selfe and Paul Boughey step down.

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Looking at the culture within the party, the report mentioned that the panel was struck by the "rigid formality and coded aggression" with which people address each other in the party.

The panel recommended training for leaders on how to lead a diverse group of people.


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