Scenery Park community asks for youth assistance programmes

A march is being held in Scenery Park to remember the lives lost in the Enyobeni Tavern tragedy this past weekend. eNCA senior reporter, Aviwe Mtila has more from Scenery Park. Courtesy of #DStv403

SCENERY PARK - The Scenery Park community in the Eastern Cape is urging government to build more places for recreational activities.

The community has raised concerns over the consumption of alcohol among young people in the area.

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It says local councilors have been ignoring proposed programmes to help deal with the problem.

"If you check around South Africa as a whole, we don’t have sporting facilities that can accommodate the youth," Sandisile Manyoli said.

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"We want to say to the government that they must build us sporting facilities to assist the youth and reduce the alcohol problem.

"The councillor we have doesn’t listen to us as the youth. We go to them and give them programmes to assist the youth but the councillor doesn’t attend to those problems.”


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