School stabbing suspect claims self defence

19-year-old Muhammad Mawela says he was attacked by three boys whom he accuses of being gang members. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The suspect in the Forest High School murder case is claiming self-defence.

Muhammad Mawela says three boys whom he accuses of being gang members attacked him.

One pupil was killed while two others were wounded in the fight.

The 19-year-old is alleging the three victims were gang members who called themselves "Stoute kinders" meaning "naughty kids" in Afrikaans.

The Grade 11 pupil told the court the trio attacked him while he was leaving school. He says he was forced to defend himself.

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Mawela is claiming that one of the victims was carrying a knife, which fell to the ground when he hit the pupil with a stone, he then picked up the knife and used it to defend himself.

However, one boy who was stabbed in the incident insists this is a lie.

“He had a knife, if he is saying that it was self-defence but then if he had stabbed one we would understand but three, that is not self-defence," the boy said.

The victim's family is angry.

“He doesn’t believe his child is a gang member and is pained that the suspect might be released on lies,” said the deceased’s uncle.

Judgment in the bail application will be delivered on Monday.


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